I have a one year opportunity postdoc in ambiguous array processing with possibility to extend to other field of research, fell free to contact me at julien_dot_lesouple_at_enac_dot_fr !!

Julien Lesouple received the Eng. degree in Aeronautics Engineering from ISAE Ensica, Toulouse, France in 2014 and defended in March 2019 his Ph.D degree in Signal Processing applied to GNSS with the CNES, M3 Systems, INP Toulouse and ISAE under the supervision of Pr. Jean-Yves Tourneret and Pr. François Vincent at the cooperative laboratory TéSA.
From October 2019 to April 2021, he did a post-doctorate on the development of anomaly detection methods with user feedback for satellite signal analysis, co-funded by the cooperative laboratory TéSA and the society Thales Alenia Space. This work was done under the supervision of Cédric Baudoin (HDR) and Pr. Jean-Yves Tourneret.
From April to October 2021, he did a post-doctorate on the study of passive radar optimal performances at ISAE under the supervision of Pr. Eric Chaumette.
He is now a lecturer researcher at ENAC within SIGNAV team.

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  • Statistical Signal Processing
  • Navigation
  • PhD in Statistical Signal Processing, 2019

    Toulouse INP

  • Eng. Degree in Aeronautical constructions, 2014


Recent Publications

(2023). Impact of meaconers on aircraft GNSS receivers during approaches. In Proc. ION GNSS+ 2023.


(2023). An EM Approach for GNSS Parameters of Interest Estimation Under Constant Modulus Interference. In Proc. EURASIP Eur. Signal Process. Conf. (EUSIPCO), Belgrade, Serbia, Sep. 2023.

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(2023). Improving AI Monitoring of Early Life Satellites Using Transfer Learning. In Proc. Int. Conf. Space Operations, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, March 2023.

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(2022). Estimation du centre et du rayon d’une hypersphère à l’aide d’une loi a priori de Von Mises-Fisher et d’un algorithme EM. In Proc. GRETSI, Nancy, France, Sep. 2022.

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(2022). An EM Algorithm for Mixtures of Hyperspheres. In Proc. EURASIP Eur. Signal Process. Conf. (EUSIPCO), Belgrade, Serbia, Sep. 2022.

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Feel free to contact me for any question or possible collaboration

  • julien_dot_lesouple_at_enac_dot_fr
  • 7 Avenue Edouard Belin, Toulouse, 31400
  • Office F020


Oct 2021 – Present Toulouse, France
Research activies on signal processing for navigation and teaching associated courses.
Apr 2021 – Sep 2021 Toulouse, France
Research activities on optimal performances for passive location for telecom emitters (DVBS-2).
Oct 2019 – Apr 2021 Toulouse, France
Research activities on anomaly detection with user feedback.
Research and Development Engineer
Apr 2019 – Sep 2019 Toulouse, France
Studies on positioning in the rail environment.