I am broadly interested in the areas of distributed systems and computer networks. In the recent years, I have been particularly interested in distributed algorithms, replication and consistency in dynamic networks.
Previously, I worked with Mohamed Kaaniche and Karama Kanoun at LAAS/CNRS from 2013 to 2015. My research focused on designing and evaluating failure prediction mechanisms for dependable distributed systems in cloud computing.
I had my doctorate in computer science at LIP6, Sorbonne Universités, where I was advised by Pierre Sens and Sébastien Monnet. My doctoral research focused on designing and evaluating adaptive replication schemes for hybrid CDNs, to deliver cloud storage services under tough-to-enforce SLA contracts, funded through a CIFRE grant in collaboration with France Télécom.

Below there are short descriptions of partners (Phd students) and the latest projects that I had worked on. Please get in touch if you would like to get further information.

PhD Students

Hasan Heydari (since October 2018). Topic: Designing reliable, distributed algorithms for dynamic networks. Funded by ECOLE DOCTORALE SYSTEMES - ED 309.


Secured Virtual Cloud (SVC) (Postdoctoral researcher , a "Investisement d'avenir" project, since 2013): The SVC's goal is to build a middleware to enforce safety, reliability, and availability of cloud platforms.

Odisea (PhD Student, a FUI10 project, 2011-2013): This project aims to build a highly reliable, secure distributed storage cloud by combining traditional datacenters with the usage of edge devices (Home Gateways/Set-top-boxes) provided by the cloud users to provide a seamless user experience to store, play and share content on any device on any location.

OneLab 1 and 2 (Study engineer, EU FP6 IST/FP7 FIRE project, 2008-2010): OneLab was European project whose aim was developing, maintaining and federating a large-scale, general-purpose platform based on open-source PlanetLab software. OneLab has became OpenLab since 2011.

BTMA/Robust-IP/RNP’s GTP2P (Master student and study engineer, 2004-2007): In Brazil, I collaborated with Networking and Telecommunication Research Group in three projects, where I studied many different research topics, including traffic profiling by extensive statistical analysis, self-reliant security architecture, and peer-to-peer systems.